Health Coaching

womens-health-coachingFor most women, maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires more than just passive effort to follow the latest headlines found on the newsstands. In reality, finding and maintaining health often requires patience, balance and mindfulness. Getting there is not always a straightforward task.

If you find that you’re overwhelmed when it comes to your health or fitness, don’t get discouraged. You’re not alone! In fact, more than half of US women do not meet federal physical activity guidelines, and over 13% are in fair or poor health (

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve already taken the first step towards forging a healthier you! With McKinley Life Coaching, you will find the tools and support you need to clear the path ahead.

Is Health Coaching Right for You?

Working with a women’s health coach can be a wonderful opportunity to find balance, and build a meaningful relationship between your mind and body. Whether you want to lose weight, prioritize fitness and nutrition or more comfortably cope with a chronic illness, personal health coaching offers the guidance and motivation-building techniques that will help you to accomplish your goals.

There are many reasons why I work with women on improving their health, but some of the most common goals include:

  • - Losing weight for long-term health improvement
  • - Learning which foods benefit goals of a healthier lifestyle
  • - How to better cope with chronic disease or illness
  • - Making fitness a priority in a hectic lifestyle
  • - Finding balance for improved mental and physical health

If you’ve plateaued in your efforts or need that extra pick-me-up that the community of life coaching provides, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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