Life Coaching Packages

Life Coaching Works!

McKinley Life Coaching offers the following packages and will also customize packages to meet your needs. The key to success is commitment, action, managing and reducing obstacles and incorporating accountability for goal achievement.

You can start with a single coaching session or try one of the following packages.

Customized life coaching packages are also available upon request. Email or contact to inquire about custom options and pricing.

Free Consultation

This is an opportunity to meet, connect, and understand the life coaching process. We will begin to help you define your goals, answer your questions, and set a course for your customized coaching package.


The River Package


This package is a wonderful way to dip your toes in the coaching waters without making too much of a financial investment. It includes an orientation to coaching and several self-assessment tools.

This package includes:

• A free half hour consultation

• Two individual coaching sessions

• One month of email support.

Price: $225.00

The Mountain Package


With this package you will climb to the next step of the coaching process. Here we take a more comprehensive look at your life and begin to identify and focus on specific, targeted areas where change is desired. You will be provided with weekly assignments, self assessment tools, and a list of custom tailored resources to help you on your journey to a new path.

This package includes:

• A free half hour consultation

• Four individual coaching sessions

• Weekly assignments

• List of resources and reading materials

• Two months of email support

Price: $395.00

The Big Sky Package


This comprehensive power package is designed to help you move forward from the initial exploration stages to focused goal setting.Together we will work from where you are and develop and execute a step by step plan to get you where you want to be.

This package includes:

• A free half hour consultation

• Seven individual coaching sessions

• Weekly Assignments

• Customized goal specific reading materials and resources

• Three months of email support

Price: $695.00