My Background

Finish Line at Stone Harbor NJ triathlon

Finish Line at Stone Harbor NJ triathlon

Margaret McKinley

Academic Creds
B.S. Education, University of Maine
M.A. Counseling Psychology, Antioch University
Certified Coach, World Coach Institute
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Street Creds
One of seven siblings
Waitressed in six states
Business Owner
Spouse of 27 years
Parent of 2 young adults




20 years of experience

I have over 20 years of experience providing guidance, support, counseling and coaching to adults, families, couples and groups.  I  specialize in: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (achieving change by understanding how our thoughts help or hinder us), Positive Psychology (identifying and focusing on strengths, optimism, hope and change), Mindfulness Skills (emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness) and Transformational Life Coaching (asking powerful and transformational questions of clients to help them create lasting change in their lives).

Thousands of hours

As a practicing therapist for the past 20 years, I've spent thousands of hours listening, counseling, coaching and guiding people through transformational times in their lives. I have witnessed and learned an incredible amount about change, about obstacles to change and about the power of the human spirit to evolve.

Action = Change

I have determined, after watching hundreds of people struggle with change, that change is about action. Taking action, being in action, committing to action. My orientation to coaching and therapy has always been one of action, of solutions, of strength and hope. This dedicated belief in and commitment to change informs and fuels my coaching practice. Coaching is a powerful way to get into action and to achieve lasting change!


I have had a successful private practice for 10 years, worked in community mental health for ten years and have provided adventure therapy groups for teen girls  for over five years.  I offer web based coaching and counseling services via phone sessions and email support.  Contact me for a free consultation to see if coaching is the next bold, brave step in your story of positive growth and change!

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