About Life Coaching

"The impact of each professional coach is significant.
The impact of a generation of professional coaches will be profound."
-Ally Wieser Hernandez

  • 95%

    95% of people do not have a clearly defined mission for their life

  • 96%

    96% of clients indicate that they would repeat their coaching experience given the same circumstances

  • 99%

    99% of all companies and individuals who hire a coach are 'somewhat' or 'very satisfied.'

Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study was commissioned by the ICF but conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Does Life Coaching Work?

An impact study conducted by International Coach Federation explored the benefits of working with a coach and found: Almost all (96%) of clients who participated in the study indicated that they would repeat the coaching experience given the same circumstances that led them there in the first place.

When you work with McKinley Life Coaching, the objective is to understand your goals and create the path for achievement. Margaret McKinley is a certified life coach and licensed clinical mental health counselor. Through the approach of understanding behavioral patterns, Margaret is able to help you to challenge limiting beliefs, stop self doubt and change through mindfulness.

Through fresh ideas and life guidance, you can take the next step in life. Learn more about the McKinley life coaching packages available to you.


Life Coaching will help you:

• Regain Direction
• Create goals that get you motivated
• Transform dreams into reality with clear decisions, intention and action steps
• Help you identify a purposeful direction
• Focus on what is important for your goals and help you get there
• Get you energized and motivated
• Create a mission and anchor yourself there

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